Post Frame Building Repairs

Grizzly Buildings is ready to help with all types of repairs, such as damaged doors, roofs, or siding. If you have damage from severe weather, or would like to repair a current issue, please reach out to us.

Before Re Skin
Building After Re Skin

Here are some examples of inclement weather repairs and restoration projects:

1. Ridge light & eave light repair

Many buildings have old ridge lights or eave lights that are made out of fiberglass. Over time, UV rays and weather can really do a number on them. They get cloudy, brittle, or even fly off in the wind. The new ridge & eave light material is made of polycarbonate. It’s more durable and distributes light much better.

2. Re-roof and re-skin an old building

Re-skinning an existing frame can make what was once a run-down structure look brand new. Too often people think that if a building has a bad roof and siding, it’s not worth saving. If the structure is still decent, these buildings can be re-skinned, saving you thousands on demolition and construction costs.

3. Repair columns

Some pole barns that were poorly constructed years ago may have posts that are rotting from the inside out. Poles can work like straws, drawing moisture from the earth up through the interior and rotting the wood. This typically happens with untreated lumber. Many times you can dig down until you get to the pad, and run a column alongside it.

4. Repair a truss

Similar to the column repair, you can also do the same with a truss by putting a new one alongside the existing truss where it’s damaged.

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