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Lawn & Garden Tools at Grizzly Supply

From prepping your lawn and garden in the spring to winter snow and ice removal, Grizzly’s shelves are stocked with the supplies you need for all seasons.

Gardening Tools

With a large selection of quality garden hoes, hand tillers and cultivators, tampers, spreaders, sprayers and more, caring for your lawn and garden has never been easier.

Get that ideal manicured look for your property with a variety of tools like loppers, pruners, shears, and more.

Choose from round head shovels to scoop and square head shovels and find that rake you need to collect leaves, spread gravel or prepare your soil for planting.

Lawn Sprinkler
Shovel and Rake
Gardening Tools
Terracotta Planter Pot


Landscape fabric can help to control excessive weed growth and soil erosion. We offer several sizes to choose from. Top it off with our quality mulch to beautify your yard in minutes. Mulch works well around trees, shrubs, and flowers to add visual interest and to help retain ground moisture.

Nature's Magic Gold Mulch

Grass Seed

If your grass has worn patches or thin areas, spruce it up with specially-formulated grass seed. Choose from several types and textures of grass to match the look of your lawn.

Sun & Shade Lawn Seed Mixture Bag
Lawn Care

Weed Control

Prevent aggressive weeds from taking over your yard with our selection of weed killers and fungicides.

RoundUp Weed Control
Weed Control
Lawn & Garden Spreader and Sprayer
Spreaders & Sprayers


In general, fertilizer is a material designed to release nutrients and give a plant the elements it needs to grow. You might use a fertilizer if the soil is lacking some of the necessary elements or if the elements have been depleted over time. Stop in and check out the varieties of fertilizer we have in stock.

Max Lawn Fertilizer
Miracle Gro Plant Fertilizer
Griller's Gold BBQ Pellets


Fire up the grill for a backyard BBQ, and get cooking with a range of grilling supplies, accessories, and grill parts available at Grizzly.

Snow & Ice Removal

  • Shovels and Snow Pushers: Our snow shovels and pushers make easy work of clearing snow. They’re ergonomically designed to move as much snow as possible with each sweep.
  • Roof Rakes: A season's worth of snow building up on your roof can lead to dangerous and expensive structural problems. Our roof rakes help you clear the snow as it falls, keeping the load under control.
  • Ice Melt: Even an extremely thin layer of ice hidden under snow can cause dangerous slips and falls. Ice built up in the valleys of your house can lead to ice dams causing extensive damage and the need for expensive repairs. We carry a large selection of products to aid in ice removal.
Snow/Ice Shovel
Snow Removal
Ice No More Ice Melt
Ice Melt

Get the supplies you need!

Our knowledgeable staff is ready to assist you with any of your hardware and supply needs.

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