Electrical Department at Grizzly Supply

Safety is essential in an electrical installation and that means using high-quality electrical parts and fittings throughout every circuit in your home. Our electrical supplies department contains all the items you need to install, repair, and maintain your home's electrical system.

Electrical Department

Light Fixtures

Light up your home with a variety of light fixtures, featuring products suitable for both decorative indoor use and outdoor security.

  • Prime Wire & Cable
  • Southwire Co
  • Luminance
  • Cooper Lighting Solutions
Ceiling Light Fixture
Light Fixtures
Bronze Finish Security Area Light
Outdoor Lighting
Under Cabinet Light
Under Cabinet Lighting
Lighting Replacement Part
Replacement Parts & Accessories
Light Bulb
Light Bulbs

Light Bulbs

With a wide selection of watt equivalents, color temperatures, sizes, and shapes, Grizzly Supply has what you need to properly illuminate any area. Choose from fluorescent, LED, or incandescent, including flood lights and heat lamps.

  • GE
  • Feit Electric
  • Satco

Circuit Breakers and Fuses

Your home's electrical circuits play a vital role in safety. Grizzly Supply has a wide range of circuit breakers and fuses to protect against overloads, surges and electrical faults.

  • Square D circuit breakers
    • Single pole
    • Double pole
  • Bussmann fuses
    • Plug type
    • Cartridge type
Circuit Breakers Fuse
Circuit Breakers & Fuses
White 25 ft. Electrical Wire

Wire and Wiring Supplies

Our wiring supplies section features wire gauges rated with enough amps to withstand strong currents for most household applications.

  • Southwire Co/Romex

Electrical Tools

Find the electrical tools you'll need to complete your installation. Choose from wire strippers and cutters, voltage detectors, electrical meters, conduit, and more, giving you the equipment necessary to get the job done to professional standards.

  • Gardner Bender Inc
  • Klein Tools
  • Thomas & Betts
  • Atkore Int’l/Allied Tube & Conduit
Electrical Meter Tool
Electrical Tools
Electrical Box Fitting
Boxes, Fittings, & Conduit

Additional Electrical Supplies

Grizzly Supply offers a wide selection of additional electrical supplies to help you tackle any situation, including:

  • Flashlights, lanterns, and batteries for portable lighting solutions
  • Timers and lighting controls for efficient electrical usage
  • Extension cords and power strips for versatile hook-ups
  • Cable management supplies to ensure tangle-free setups
  • Home audio-visual essentials for a superior in-house system
Eveready Flashlights
Rayovac Floating Lantern
AAA8 Energizer Batteries
Audio Visual Cables
Audio Visual Accessories
Timer/Lighting Control
Timers & Lighting Controls
Colorful Zip Ties
Cable Management
Glacier Flex Blue Extension Cord
Extension Cords
White Power Strip
Power Strips
Switches Outlets & Plugs

Get the supplies you need!

Our knowledgeable staff is ready to assist you with any of your hardware and supply needs.

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