Canning Supplies

Canning Essentials

Grizzly Supply has the canning essentials you need including spices, accessories, jars, lids and rings from trusted brands like Ball and PurMason.

Canning Jars

We stock canning jars in sizes from 4 ounces up to 32 ounces with regular and wide mouths that are perfect for sauces, jellies, pickles, and more.

Wide Mouth Pint Canning Jars
Wide Mouth Jars
Regular Mouth Pint Canning Jars
Regular Mouth Jars

Canning Lids and Rings

Good canning jars will last a lifetime, but lids and rings need to be replaced to ensure a proper seal, particularly if you're canning highly acidic ingredients. Without a reliable air-tight seal, your canned goods can be contaminated with bacteria and may quickly spoil.

Our canning lids and rings fit canning jars with both regular and wide mouth sizes.

Ball Canning Jar Lids
Ball Canning Jar Lids With Rings
Lids With Rings

Quality Canning Accessories

Our selection of canning accessories provides all the extras you need to start canning easily. Buy individual items to build up your canning kit collection, or full packages providing all the essentials and extras you're looking for, including:

  • Pectin and spice mixes for better pickles, jellies, and preserves.
  • Heat-proof pressure racks for keeping jars off the canning pan base, reducing the risk of cracking.
  • Jar lifters and funnels for easier handling of jars and contents.
  • Full canning kit collections to get you started with a single purchase.


Canning Tool Set
Canning Accessories & Prep
Mrs. Wages Salsa Mix
Canning Mixes

Get the supplies you need!

Our knowledgeable staff is ready to assist you with any of your hardware and supply needs.

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